Friendship with the enemies of God is a subject that the holy Quran has always advised against it. The beginning Ayahs of the Surah Al - Momtahena referred to this point by saying: “O’ You who believe, do not take My enemies and your enemies as friends, offering them affection while they disbelieve in the truth that has come to you; they exile the Prophet of Allah and yourselves only because you believe in God who is the Almighty; if you immigrate for Jihad in My way to attract My satisfaction, you make friends with them secretly but I am fully aware of what you hide or what you show. Whoever does so has gone astray from the right path. ”[Ayah 1] “If they dominate you, they will be your enemies and will open their hands and tongues to harm you and they like you to return to disbelieve!”[Ayah 2]Explanation The above Ayahs are warnings to Muslims to be aware of the consequences of friendship with unbelievers. The first Ayah says: O’ those who believe! Do not befriend my enemies and your enemies which mean, they are God’s enemies who are your enemies as well, so why do you extend your hands to them?! Then it adds: You show kindness to them whilst they do not believe in Islam or Quran and exile you and the Prophet of God from your towns and places of residences. The second Ayah says: They are against your beliefs and they fight you and consider you guilty of what you consider to be your biggest pride in life and that is your belief to God, and for this reason they have thrown you out of your towns and residences, considering all of these, is it appropriate to show them kindness and save them from the hands of the soldiers of Islam?! Then it adds: If you immigrate for Jihad for my sake and satisfaction, then do not take them as your friends.