The Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi said in Qom: Sunni Muslims celebrate Prophet’s(PBUH) birthday on 12 Rabial Awwal and Shia Muslims on 17th day of the same month; so the days in between have been designated as the “unity week” for Muslims to put aside their differences. He added that unity does not mean to abandon your beliefs and give in to the demands of the other side. An ignorant writer recently wrote Shia Muslims stop believing in Imam Ali’s (AS) “Welaya” so Muslims can unite! Unity means stressing the common points. The Grand Ayatollah explained that the commonalities between Muslims are more than the differences but emphasized that currently disagreements are more than any other time and wars in Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain show that Muslims need unity more than any other time. The Grand Ayatollah named Wahhabi/Takfiris as the main cause of disagreements between Muslims and added that; wherever they are, war and bloodshed started. He described the crimes of Salafis in Syria and pointed to “Jihad Nekah” as a shameful act. He said: Recently some Wahhabi/Takfiris said their real prophet is Abusofian! The Grand Ayatollah Makarem said: Sunni Muslims and even Wahhabis should distance themselves from Takfiris. He pointed to the help and support that Takfiris receive from Zionists and some western countries and said: The enemies want Muslims to fight each other. The Grand Ayatollah Makarem advised all Muslims, not to insult each other and promote logical discussions to pave the way for unity amongst Muslims.