There is no doubt that the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) is a unique role model for the humanity and people of all times can learn valuable lessons from the best creation of Allah (SWT). The Islamic scholar, Martyred Mortaza Motahari explained some aspects of the prophet’s (PBUH) personality and character. The Prophet (PBUH) was gentle and flexible in his personal and private matters but not on basic issues. The following examples show how the Prophet (PBUH) dealt with various challenging situations in his life time. The Prophet (PBUH) was on his way to the Mosque when a man stopped him and said: You owe me and must pay now. The Prophet (PBUH) replied: I do not owe you and I do not have any money with me now, let me go. The man said: I will not allow you to go one step further; you must give me my money now. The man grabbed the prophet’s (PBUH) clothes tightly and wrapped it round his neck; the redness could be seen on his neck. The Muslims gathered to find out why the Prophet (PBUH) was late for the prayers and they saw a Jewish man treating him with violence. The Prophet (PBUH) told them: Leave him alone, I know how to deal with my friend. The Prophet (PBUH) showed so much leniency that the Jewish man said: The power and tolerance you have shown is not of an ordinary person, it is prophetic and there and then he became a Muslim. At the time of the conquest of Mecca, a rich woman from Quraish committed a theft and she had to be punished according to Sharia law. Intermediaries as well as her father, brother and others came to stop her punishment. The Prophet (PBUH) said: A thief is a thief, if this woman was from a poor family what would have you said then? Do you want me to abandon God’s law? He did not accept any intermediation on this case. The holy Quran says: “With God’s blessings you behave kindly towards Muslims and that is why they are attracted to you and if you were unkind they would not have gathered around you, ask forgiveness for them and pray for them.” The Prophet (PBUH) was so kind and forgiving towards Muslims and non-Muslims and that is why Muslims love him so much. \[Encyclopedia of books by Martyred Mortaza Motahari, Vol.16, Page 174-177]