The radical Takfiris damage the image of Islam, a senior Sunni scholar in Lebanon said. Speaking in a radio program, Sheikh Mahir Hamoud also criticized Saudi Arabia’s stances and polices abut Takfiris, Al-Nashra website reported. The prayers leader of Al-Quds Mosque in the city of Sidon, southern Lebanon, said Saudi Arabia finances Takfiris and the people of Fitna (sedition) in Syria. He said Riyadh has a lot of money that can be spent for the development of the Muslim world but instead is used for fomenting discord and spreading Fitna in Syria and other parts of the Islamic world. Hamoud urged Saudi Arabia to put the issue of Palestine high on its agenda instead of assisting radical groups. He praised the stances of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the Muslim world issues, noting that Iran has always strived for Islamic unity and for the issue of Palestine. Hamoud further turned to the issue of resistance in Lebanon and slammed the propaganda attack launched against Hezbollah. He underlined the need for supporting the resistance movement that makes efforts to defend Lebanon.