Whatsupic- - The Wahhabi and Salafi militants, which call themselves the " jihadi Salafist“, claim that both of them are affiliating “Al Qaeda”, and they are two sides of the same coin. There are no differences between them except in small details which are usually minor political discords, and as a matter of fact they formed a powerful anti - Assad alliance, but there is a covert fierce war going on between these extremist movements to win over other rival Islamist militias. Wahhabi militias or as they want to be called **Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant(ISII) ** represent the Saudi influence in Syria. They are in odds with“Al - Qaeda”, which owns the most cruel and barbaric elements who kill innocent civilians and Syrian military personnel alike. It is very hard to imagine people who are more savage than Wahhabis. Salafism refer to the early days of Islam in the understanding of religion, theology, and Islamic law(Sharia) and also in social behavior. Salafist claim that they want to adopt the same attitudes of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and his companions. Wahhabis and Salafists believe in the same faith and ideas; because the geographical base of their religion situates within the Arabian Peninsula. The contemporary Salafiists follow Ibn Taymiyyah(Abu Abbas Ahmad bin Abdul Halim), and the doctrine of imam Hanbal, but they do not call themselves as Wahhabis because this title is somehow scary. When I studied their beliefs I found that they believe in anthropomorphic view of God Almighty, and they disrespect the family and the household of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH & His Family). Wahhabis and Salafists have cooperated in the war against Syrian people, where K. S. A had formed takfiri armed terrorist groups and funded these militias to rule over Syria’s multicultural society. According to our reliable sources “the Saudi intelligence chief " brought al - Qaida elements to Syria by negotiating with Al - Qaeda’s number one. He sent emissaries to Ayman al - Zawahri, and Pakistani intelligence known as ISI arranged the meetings between Saudi officials and Zawahri in order to reach an agreement to send Arab and Pakistani mercenaries to fight Syrian people. AL - Nosrah Front: Wahhabis and Salafists determined to form a unified coalition in these difficult circumstances. So the Saudi General Intelligence decided to establish and found AL - Nosrah Front that plots to establish an " Islamic Caliphate. " The information indicates that Saudi Arabia from very beginning of the Syrian crisis has worked to bring al - Qaeda elements to Syria to destabilize Syria and the Middle East in general in order to serve its Zionist masters. On the one hand K. S. A wanted to take advantage of those fanatic fighters in its proxy war against Syrian Army because it considers them as the most ferocious fighters ever and on the other hand wanted to get rid of these bellicose troublemaking hard - liners. Saudi leadership thought they were also able to defeat Hezbollah(the true resistance movement) because the terrorist Al - Qaeda affiliatedal- Nosrah Front may be the most effective forcequalified to fight Hezbollah;by this way, K. S. A will send its terrorists to the certain death and keep them away from the kingdom. Saudi general policy is based on diminishing the power of those extremist groups which it believes are threatening Al - Saud dynasty rule. K. S. A attempted to undermine Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and in other Arab countries especially in Persian Gulf courtiers. But we should shed light on a very important issue; Saudi’s genuine intention is not to fight terrorism by weakling them(sending them to Syria) but rather to maintain its control and influence over terrorist organizations like Al - Qaeda or Muslim - Brotherhood. ISII speeded sectarian tension across Iraq and Syria and it engaged in fight against Free Syrian Army as well as al - Qaeda forces led by al - Zawahiri which was originally part of it. Saudi Arabia is working to fight al - Qaeda in Syria through founding and supporting ISII.
Sometimes I am greatly perplexed by Saudi Arabia intelligence service which operates in Syrian crisis, and plays on all sides. - - This article has been originally published in Arabic byAlKhabar Press.