A recent opinion poll has indicated that the majority of Moroccans believe Islam is the best solution for all problems in any situation.
The poll conducted by the IFOP (French Institute of Public Opinion) is based on interviews with 1250 Moroccan adults between July 15 and 19. Some 66 percent of the respondents believed Islam is the best solution for the problems at any time and place. The poll results also showed that only six percent of those questioned were against the issue, and the rest had no idea. Following the Islamic Awakening in several Arab countries, anti- government protests broke out in Morocco on February 20, 2011. Meanwhile, Morocco's King Mohammed VI announced some reforms such as the amendment of the constitution to curtail his powers and hold early elections. The protesters, however, say the reforms do not go far enough. The country has been facing serious economic troubles over the past few years, with high unemployment rate and rising levels of poverty. On May 1, thousands of people held demonstrations in the capital, Rabat, and Casablanca to demand jobs and higher pay. The protesters called for an end to corruption in the country and better working conditions.