Marwa Osman, a prominent Lebanese University Lecturer, political analyst, and media expert travelled to Uganda this August. Upon her arrival she was asked to remove her headscarf in public in order to be allowed in the country.

Ms Osman was visiting Uganda as part of a delegation of journalist and official for the Blue Peace Project.

As a guest in Uganda, she was shocked by the total disrespect and disdain that she experienced in the country.

The trend that this incident underscores is the worst part of the story. How can we live in a democratic society when the basic civil liberties of human beings are under attack and a profound disrespect is exercised when treating one another?

This was a tragic and devastating experience for Ms Osman. However, she’s not the only one and other Muslim women are targets of this kind of discrimination.

Muslim women are targeted as if they are to blame for all the ills of society.

They must have their own rights and freedom in different countries. They should dress however they wish and the rule of law should respect their religious beliefs.