“If Donald Trump wants to assuage his opposition, he will have to go to a full war with Syria and maybe Iran,” Jean Bricmont, an anti-imperialism activist, said in an interview with Muslim Press.

Here’s the full transcript of the interview:

Muslim Press: How does US aggression against Syria relate to human rights?

Jean Bricmont: Well, it is the usual story; almost all interventions by the US nowadays are under the guise of «human rights». Of course, it hardly ever improves human rights, but that is not the point. The goal is hegemony, the pretext human rights.

MP: Is this attack legal under international law?

Jean Bricmont: Of course not! The US has not been attacked or threatened and there has been no Security Council resolution authorizing the use of force.

MP: What role does the UN play in this regard?

Jean Bricmont: Well, luckily there is the Security Council to block unilateral actions by the US. But as far as they are concerned, when it comes to human rights, they consider themselves as being judge jury and executioner.

MP: During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump seemed to have an America first policy, meaning to stop intervening in other countries and focus on the internal affairs of the United States. What happened to that? What’s your prediction about interventionist policies of the US and its allies in Syria? 

Jean Bricmont: Difficult to guess. Trump was elected on a non-interventionist policy and his supporters were very upset by the recent strikes. It may be that this was just a gesture towards the media and the Neo-conservatives, in order to assuage them. However, I am sure that this will not be enough: if he wants to assuage his opposition, he will have to go to a full war with Syria and maybe Iran. But then, he will completely lose his real base. I have no way to know what goes on in his head so I cannot tell what he will do.

What is certain is that there are divisions within his administration, part of which is on a Zionist-neocon line.

MP: Following Trump’s aggression against Syria, it seems that many US politicians have united behind him. What’s your take on this?

Jean Bricmont: That exposes the hypocrisy of all the talk about the bad racist sexist Trump. The minute he bombs Syria, everything is forgiven. The West has fallen in some sort of madness, where critical thought about war propaganda is criminalized, aggression is viewed positively, and a great hoopla is made about any politically incorrect sentence. We are in genuine decline. 


Jean Bricmont teaches physics at the University of Louvain in Belgium. He is author of Humanitarian Imperialism.