North Korea could be preparing for ballistic missile launches from its eastern coastal area, in addition to the planned launch of a satellite, TV reports say.The movement of a mobile launch pad with a ballistic missile has been spotted in the eastern coastal area of North Korea, Japanese NHK broadcaster reported on Thursday citing diplomatic sources. On Tuesday, the International Maritime Organization(IMO) confirmed it had received North Korea’s notification of plans to launch a satellite between February 8 and 25. South Korea said that the North was planning to launch a long - range missile.Recommended:North Korea prepares to test new ' nuclear weapon ' North Korea previously reported a successful launch of a satellite in 2012, in violation of a UN Security Council resolution. The resolution bans Pyongyang from launching rockets that may be used as ballistic long-range missiles with nuclear warheads. Tensions over North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs escalated after Pyongyang said on January 6 that it had successfully carried out a hydrogen bomb test, triggering condemnation from the international community.