Syria has arrested four Indians who had gone to that country allegedly to fight alongside the Islamic State(IS), Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Walid al Moualem said on Wednesday.Moualem, who is also the foreign minister and on a three - day visit to India, said “the young men” had entered through Jordan and were arrested before they could join the outfit. “We have arrested four Indians who had come to Syria to fight alongside IS. They are currently in Damascus jail. We have asked Indian authorities to come and see them and take them back, ” Moualem said, stressing that cooperation on the front of counter - terrorism and intelligence - sharing was one of the main objectives of the visit. As many as 23 Indians, six of whom are dead, were suspected to be fighting alongside IS. The fresh arrests could take the count to 27.
Moualem also said that Syria was in no position to help India vis - a - vis the 39 Indians who are suspected to be in IS captivity in Iraq. “They are in IS captivity. I am sorry, we can’t do anything. You need to ask Erdogan(Turkish President), ” said Moualem. The minister attacked Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar for fomenting a crisis in Syria and categorically accused them of supporting terror groups. He expressed gratitude towards Russia for helping Syria fight against IS. “We are grateful to Russia for military interference in the region. Because of their intervention, 20 bastions(in control of IS) have been liberated. If this continues, we will soon see positive results, ” Moualem said. He added that what Russia had achieved in three months was 10 times of what US had achieved in 18 months. “It is also self - defence for Russia as Chechen terrorists are fighting alongside IS, ” he said.