(Muslim Press) – A Muslim man was beaten to death on Monday by Hindu extremists who suspected him of stealing a cow, a respected symbol of Hinduism.This is the fourth time in the previous weeks that Hindu extremists had killed Muslims based on suspicions of slaughtering, stealing or smuggling cows. The police found the bloodied body of Mohammad Hasmat Ali on Monday morning in the village of Uchekon Moiba Thongkhong in Manipur, a state in northeast India. Police said Mr. Ali had no criminal records and not connections to the cattle business. He was a 55 - year - old man, married with three sons and was a leader in the neighboring village of Keirao Makting, where he was headmaster of a madrasa. “What is happening here is completely wrong — people taking the law into their hands, ” Naba Kanta, a police official leading the investigation into Mr. Ali’s death, said in an interview. “We face the problem of mob justice in this area, and we are trying to do our best to contain it. ” Nearly over a month ago,a 52 - year - old Muslim man was killed in a village outside New Delhi over rumors that he had slaughtered a cow and eaten beef.