We all are no stranger to the fact that Hindus and Muslims have been rivals to each other. This rivalry, which is pretty historic, should be removed to establish peace. India and Pakistan might have bitterness between them but more or less both countries have significant cultural similarities. From decades the governments, organizations and media campaigns, all have tried to sort out the matter to lead the way to peace for both countries, but reasons like Kashmir conflict, hate politics and extremism have always been a stumbling block in achieving the goal.. Recently, due to the certain circumstances, and due to Hindu extremism, both Indians and Pakistani have started a cold war on social media, in this time of need an Indian named Ram Subramanian has come out as inspiration, when on 22nd October he started a campaign called “#ProfileForPeace”, posting his selfie on Facebook with a strong positive message on a card saying no to hate politics, this hash tag took no time to go viral on Twitter and Facebook and turned out be a step towards the peace of both countries. Recommended:Islam and PeaceIn this day and age, social media has got all the power that can bring a change, mainly because the youth can fight for their rights there with the freedom of speech. Every positive message that goes viral on social media gains huge support from the public, forcing the government to take a note of the issue. The very recent activities of Indians against Pakistan i. e. Saif Ali Khan speaking against Pakistan, Hindus forcefully converting Indian Muslims to Hinduism, Shiv Sena banning Pakistani celebrities and cricketers, Kashmir conflict etc seeded extreme rage in Pakistanis which has led to a cold war between the neighbors. Many social media activists in this scenario have also started using hash tags such as #ShamelessIndia, #BoycottBCCI, #JinnahWasRight and #ShivSena, these are trending. Ram Subramanian posted his selfie holding a note with a message “I am an Indian, I am from Mumbai, I don’t hate Pakistan, I am not alone there are many people like me. ”. He also invited other Indians to join hands by posting selfies with peaceful messages using “#ProfileForPeace”, he got a huge positive response and soon the social media was promoting peace. Initially only major Indian names, celebrities and public took part in the campaign, but later on people from Pakistan also joined in. A well - famed Indian film story writer and director Abbas Tyrewala posted a selfie with a note which went viral straight away as he wrote: “I’m Abbas, I’m an Indian Muslim, I don’t love Pakistan because I’m Muslim, I don’t hate Pakistan because I’m Indian, I love India because I’m Muslim, I love Pakistan because I’m Indian. ”The #ProfileForPeace campaign is no doubt an extraordinary step which depicts the reason behind the unpleasant Indo - Pak relationship, i. e. extremism and political parties, but the youth longs for peace, it is also taking away the misconceptions and misunderstandings that both countries have for each other, the campaign is moving forward and spreading at speed. Although many say that peace between India and Pakistan is nearly impossible, one can hope that these kind of social media campaigns will lead to the sorting out of the issues. Social media is powerful and undoubtedly it can put this hatred to an end, only if the people from both the countries stand together to use it to promote peace, by changing the minds of people. Know anything else about the campaign that we might have missed, let us know by commenting below!This article originally appeared on yumtoyikes. com