(Muslim Press) - A Pakistani court has sentenced a Wahhabi pro - Saudi preacher to six months in prison for delivering hate speeches against Shia Muslims.The leader of an extremist group, Mufti Tanveer Alam Farooqi, was sentenced by the anti - terrorism court on Monday in the garrison city of Rawalpindi near the capital Islamabad to a six - month prison term.Recommended:Saudi Wahhabism threatens whole world Judge Asif Majeed Awan found him guilty of "acts intended or likely to stir up sectarian hatred" in the violence-struck country, Judicial sources said. "He was awarded a six-month jail sentence and a 50,000-rupee (500-dollar) fine," media outlets quoted an unnamed senior security official as saying. He was sentenced to six-month imprisonment because of stirring up hatred against Shia Muslims as well as possessing illegal weapons.