Muslimpress:Despite Australia joint anti - ISIS coalition a year ago, the country’s first mission has been launched on Sunday. The Royal Australian Air Force has completed its first operational flight in Syria, where two F/A-18A Hornets went on a “free hunt” mission in the eastern part of the country controlled by Islamic State. Following the news, the Australian Air Task Group said the fighter jets have successfully returned to the airbase. The mission was supported by the RAAF’s E-7A Wedgetail Airborne Early Warning and Control aircraft maintaining communication with anti-ISIS coalition’s air operations center and KC-30A multi-role aerial tanker. “No weapons were released during the mission,” Australia’s Defense Department said in a statement. He also added: “The mission provided on-call interdiction and dynamic targeting support as part of the international coalition’s effort to disrupt and degrade Daesh (ISIS).” Earlier this week Australia’s National Security Committee agreed to extend the RAAF combat operations beyond Iraq, where RAAF has been operating throughout the last year as part of the US-led anti-ISIS international coalition.