A motorcycle bomb has exploded in a commercial and tourist center in Thailand ' s capital Bangkok, killing 27 people and injuring more than 80 others, according to local media. At least four foreigners were among those killed. "All I can say now is there has been an explosion in central Bangkok involving a motorcycle bomb," deputy national police chief Aek Angsananond told Reuters. Officials say the attack was aimed at destroying Thailand's economy and tourism. "The perpetrators intended to destroy the economy and tourism because the incident occurred in the heart of the tourism district," Defense Minister Prawit Wongsuwan said. Many foreign visitors were present at the time of the blast. Most of the injured were tourists from China and Taiwan. The explosion took place at Ratchaprasong intersection near Erawan shrine, a tourist attraction in the downtown Chidlom district. "I heard a boom. I thought it was thunder...but then on Twitter people were saying that something ominous had happened," said a Periscope user who was streaming video live from the scene. Body parts were scattered throughout the street following the blast, which went off at around 7 p.m. local time. Photos show fire and clouds of smoke, along with smashed car windows and debris littering the streets. Two more devices were found near the scene and detonated, the Bangkok Post reported. Police have also recovered an electronic circuit, suspected to be part of the original device, about 30 meters from the blast scene, according to the Bangkok Post. Nearby offices in the area, which is a busy business district, have reportedly been evacuated, according to reports on social media. No one claimed immediate responsibility for the attack, and such violence in the capital is a rarity. The Thai government is battling a low-level Muslim insurgency in the country's predominantly Buddhist south, though rebels have rarely launched attacks outside their ethnic Malay heartland. Erawan is a Hindu shrine which it is visited by thousands of people every day. It is popular among both tourists and locals.