(Muslim Press) - Head of Kosar Population Institute in Nigeria Sheikh Sabiou Mamane Idi Adamou said on Tuesday that Sheikh Ibrahim al - Zakzaky, the leader of the Shia Movement in Nigeria is in good health condition.On the sideline of the International Islamic Unity Conference in Tehran, Sheikh Sabiou Mamane Idi Adamou said the Nigerian leader is in good health condition, quoting government sources. He added that the Nigerian government has not provided any details about where Sheikh al - Zakzaky is but they said he is healthy.Recommended:Islamic Movement is about unity against injustice Sheikh Adamou says that during an attack by Nigerian Army, thousands of Shia Muslims were killed which is in contrast to the government estimates that claim just about tens have been killed. He also thanked Iran for its role in supporting Africans including the Nigerian Shia Muslims, adding that Tehran has always been a long-standing supporter of moderate Islam in West Africa.